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Data Entry Services
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Outsourcing Data Processing Services Company India
You can just relax about all your data entry related problems.
At Data Entry Processing
Outsourcing Services India,
Designed to meet the unique
needs of all our clients.
When searching the Internet
or web for information -ction from Web.
We provide Professional,
flexible and cost effective
Audio Transcription Services
Outsourcing Data Entry India
offers excellent scanning
of images
Yantram is the leading provider of low-cost Paper Claims to EDI Conversion Services to Health Plans.
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Process Benefits
abc Control over the Quality
abc 60%-65% Cost Reduction
abc High Skilled Employee
abc Customized quality Report
abc Consistence quality
Data Entry Services

Data Entry Companies

Welcome to our World of Outsourcing Data Entry emerging horizons

Data Entry outsourcing is a Group of “Yantram “Established in 2002 with a One-Stop Solution Exposure in this Booming Industry. After a long period of hard work, planning, determination, efforts Mr. Desai youthful, thriving and vibrant celebrity to open his own Registered Operational centre.

Our production centers have more than 100 operators that can all be arranged to work 24-hour, 7-day a week to efficiently process data for our customers from any time zone. The operators are trained to handle printed matter or handwriting jobs, tagging or formatting jobs as well as OCR clean-up jobs depending on their interests or capabilities.

The company is best known for the accuracy, breadth and convenience of its data, addressing all types of information needs. Our stringent commitment to international standards of quality has been the reason behind our spectacular growth. We are firm believers in investing in the latest technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Yantram works with a diverse set of clients in a wide variety of industries including real estate, travel, universities, clinics, hospitals, financial institutions, software, retail and many others.


Man Power
Over 100+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase
up to 150.
Highly skilled &experienced personnel, well conversant with English,
Spanish, French etc.. language
Round the clock work in 3 shifts on 24/7 basis
In-house technical support