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Data Entry Services

OCR - Outsource OCR Clean-Up Services

Optical Character Recognition Services offers a wide variety of data management services. Our services include data entry, data conversion, data processing, Image processing and more. we use high-end Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems.

Data capturing through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is accurate and faster than manual data entry. We use OCR systems integrated with an optical scanner and modern OCR software. Our OCR systems can automatically fed, read and sort data. Our state-of-art OCR system can differentiate between image and text, analyze each character and change it into electronic ASCII codes. It can handle different type of documents. With OCR systems we can capture data from printed documents, hand-written documents, image files, microfilms and more.

- Convert scanned image data into digital text files
- Latest scanning technology
- Materials can be processed either as single-page text files or as multi-page text files

Our OCR Services can reduce data entry errors and can handle huge amount of data. We use onsite document scanning for sensitive and valuable documents.

OCR Cleanup Services And OCR conversion services are one among our data processing services, combines the in-depth business expertise and a variety of methodologies to provide high precise OCR services. Our main asset is our trained technicians who are well experienced and highly skilled at this job of OCR clean-up.

OCR cleanup process includes

- Identifying of the suspected OCR characters.
- Dispatching the errors to the data entry operator.
- Formal assertion of validity to be done manually.
- OCR capability and our cleanup service includes quality control to 99.99% accuracy
- OCR clean-up, formatting and conversion services to a variety of text formats.

OCR cleanup job are necessary in the areas of footnotes, tables, and technical data.

While entrusting your OCR cleanup jobs to Data Entry Services , we transform your important paper-based information into high-quality electronic documents ready for publication via the Web, CD-ROM, and more. We undertake all types and sizes of OCR services and file cleanup projects. we also do Image Editing Services.