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Data Entry Services
Data Entry Services

OMR - Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition lets you define check box regions on scanned images. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), OMR Scanning services entails the scanning process through which the presence of a marked area is spotted. Rather than writing, persons are supposed to darken the area in an attempt to denote the answers. After that, sheet is automatically weighed up by the scanning device.Outsource your work to Yantram Optical Mark Recognition company.

With the use of an optical equipment, some ray of light shine onto the document, through which the scanner is able to detect the marked area while less light is reflected on the unmarked area. Needs no special equipment to mark a form other than a pen/pencil. Can achieve very high throughput speeds with very low error rates. An OMR scanner then processes the forms directly into the required database.

OMR is a popular method of tallying the votes.OMR is employed in use during the surveys, reply cards, questionnaires and ballots. Yantram is one of the leading Optical Mark Recognition Company.

Our Optical Mark Recognition department undertakes all sorts of a bubble sheets. Data Entry's OMR software works with an image scanner on the way to scrutinize your forms. It can read OMR areas, as well as barcode information from your forms while forms with the handwritten and typewritten areas are examined by our proficient operators.

OMR Scanner Includes:

Fast: The capacity to go through the sheets at a very high speed. The model which we encompass can interpret about 7,000 pages per         hour.
Accurate: It does away with the transcription inaccuracy.
Cost effective: Different administrative tasks are performed quickly and accurately with less initial and ongoing outlay of funds.

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