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Data Entry Services
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Superior Quality
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Competitive Cost
Immediate Response
Customized Solution
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Outsourcing Data Processing Services Company India
We transcribe from audio cassette tapes, WMA, MP3, DSS or WAV formats, and CDs, DVDs.
Voicemail Transcription
Transcription Services India take a voicemail you receive, convert it to text, and then send it to you via sms or email.
Cassette Transcription
We offer Mini cassette transcription, Micro cassette transcription, Steno cassette transcription.
DVD Transcription
We can transcribe from DVDs. The most effective way to do this is to transfer the DVD to the PC using our specialist software.
Mini Disc Transcription
Mini disc transcription is recommended for recording interviews and lectures as they produce a good clear recording.

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Process Benefits
Control over the Quality
60%-65% Cost Reduction
High Skilled Employee
Customized quality Report
Consistence quality
Data Entry Services
Data Entry Services

Yantram have more than 100 operators that can all be arranged to work 24-hour, 6-day a week to efficiently process data from any time zone 



Transcription Services

WeprovideProfessional,flexibleandcosteffective AudioTranscriptionServicesand VideoTranscriptionServices. We provide Video and Audio transcription services for DVDs,Videotapes,Webcasts,Podcasts. Wetakeprideinourtranscriptionservicesformedia, television, market research, conferences, digitalaudio,videoproduction,businesses, organizations and individuals with the increasing demand in transcribing document forms.

   Audio Transcription
  Conversion of audio files     into text
  Transcription of digital    audio formats
  Transcription of no digital    audio formats
  Telephone Response    recordings
  General audio dictation
    Video Transcription
  Quick T-A-T
  Cost saving transcript
  Captioning services
  Adding value to video    content
  24 X 7 Transcription service
  Our services to major    television networks
   Medical Transcription
  Multiple File Transfer    Options
  Secure 24/7 Access
  HL7 Standards
  Digital Recorders, Toll Free    Numbers
  Medical Billing and    Collection Service
 Interview Transcription
  One tone interviews
  Multiple participant    interviews
  Group discussions
  Legal interviews
  Telephone call recordings
  Marketing based interviews    and research

Transcription Services From:
Audio Tape & Digital audio /    Video
Mini Tapes &Mini Discs
Micro Cassettes & CD / DVD
Podcasts &Webcasts

Legal Transcription
 Legal-medico report transcription
 Witness Statement transcription
 Advice transcription
 Minutes transcription
 Court proceeding transcription
 Draftsman Bills
 Land Registry application
 Instructions to Counsel
 Particulars of Claim
 Probate Forms
 Disciplinary hearings
 Tribunal transcription
 Adjudication panel hearings

HIPAA compliance
 Increased efficiency
 Streamlined process workflow
 Avoids fines and criminal penalties

Sectors of Transcription Services
 Technical services
 Market research
 Focus group
 Group discussion
 Research interview